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In 2000 we started the project Time Lapses which was planned as artistic research in the form of a loose series of working periods for investigating the potentials of using motion capture technology in dance.

Over three years we set up a series of technical setups we called experiments. Each experiment focuses on comparing certain properties of media versus body in time and space, e.g. continuity vs. discontinuity, time delays caused by signal latencies versus its use as a visual representation of memory and so on. The experiments encompassed aspects such as the transformation and abstract visualization of body movement or the confrontation with and feedback from ones own moving data.

The project was initiated and realized by media-artist Bernd Lintermann and the dancers/choreographers Nik Haffner and Thomas McManus at the Institute for Visual Media | ZKM Center for Art and Technology in Karlsruhe.


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Artistic research – what does this mean ?

Since we declared the series of experiments as artistic research, we began to question the term artistic research itself.

In the context of natural science, research is pretty well defined by the scientific publication mechanism. Based on the idea, that a scientific sentence has to be objective and in principle be falsifiable, a publication is reviewed by a number of experts in the related field, who try to find mistakes, errors, inconsistencies and who evaluate the degree of innovation and relevance of the proposed publication. After this process it is either rejected or put into public domain and in case it is found to have relevance, it becomes part of the scientific conventions.

These pages are a prototypic proposal for a format of an artistic research publication. For the description of each experiment it uses the scheme of motivation, visual and technical choice of means and subjective evaluation. It tries to objectify as much of the experiments as possible in order to be reproducible for an interested reader and transferable to her/his personal interest area.


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To whom it may concern

This website includes a selection of experiments within the field of dance and technology and proposes a model of how an artistic research process can be documented and disseminated.

It might be valuable for people interested in the fields of dance, choreography, motion capture, body movement-analysis and -notation.


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