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Like in we are investigating representations of a body leaving imprints in a visual space. As a continuation of , the real stage is represented by a live video image. The dancer deforms this representation of space with parts of his body, while in this experiment the deformation remains within the image for a certain time.


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Example Movie

Stage View
Computer Image
As with there is a deformation attached to the sensor on one of the dancer's hands. The deformation, once established, only decreases slowly. That way there are deformations of different intensities that are active in several spots within the image at the same time. For the recording a small control monitor is used for feedback to the dancers.


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As in any improvised duet, the two dancers give and take input to and from each other. Additionally they are taking and feeding information from and to the modified video image.

The slow rubbery distortion of the video image is reflected in some of the dancers' pushing and pressing each other or their own body parts. Once the deformation has grown the image-effect becomes very dominant, recalling an image known from a wavy mirror. Sometimes even the floor or the side edge of the computer image gets slowly deformed. The movement at times has the quality of moving through thick liquid, as if there is a resistance against any attempted movement in the space.

Towards the end of the video excerpt there are some moments when the two bodies are not moving for some seconds. Yet during these moments the movement seems to be continued like an echo or delay by the implemented image-distortion. The bodies appear still to be bending, growing and deforming.


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In this experiment the occupation of space by the body is represented as a distortion of a visual representation of the space. In opposite to where the dancer controls an object in a synthetic space, here the real space is represented by a video image. Since the video image is a two dimensional projection on a flat plane, a distortion of that image represents a three dimensional extrusion of that plane in the three dimensional space, whereas in the dancer's motion has a true local influence on the synthetic space.

This immediately becomes obvious when the bodies are moving through the distorted camera image. Thus the distortion of the video image like in creates a strong impression of distorted bodies, memorizing the place where the bodies have been in the recent past. However it does not transport the idea of bodies deforming the space in which they are acting.


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  • Graphics PC with Video Capture Card
  • Projector
  • Polhemus tracking system: 1 Sensor
  • Video Camera



  • The Video Camera is facing the dancer and transmits the live video image to the graphics computer. This live video image is mapped onto a rectangular plane, which is displayed on the projection screen. The plane is composed out of a mesh of small rectangles.
  • The Sensor is attached to the dancer's right hand. The position of the sensor is controlling the position and orientation of a directional deformer. The depth position of the deformer is constrained to a small range around the video plane.
  • The Deformer has a constant spherical extension. All polygons that are within the deformer's extension are displaced according to the deformer's direction and strength. The direction of the deformer is related to the current direction of the sensor movement and limited to a spherical section. The deformation strength is constant. The Technical Screenshot below shows the deformer as a green wireframe sphere and the calculated direction of the deformer as a green cone.
  • The mesh points of the Video Plane are displaced by the deformer. Additionally they are continuously pulled back towards their original position, thus behaving like a sluggish stretchy material.


Technical Setup

Spatial Setup

Technical Screenshot 1

Technical Screenshot 2
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