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As in we are investigating representations of a body occupying a visual space. A live video image serves as a visual representation of the real stage. We attach a deformer to the hand of the dancer to see if the deformation of the live image is a good representation the body's occupation of space.


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Example Movie

Stage View
Computer Image
A deformation, similar to looking through a magnifying glass or a soap bubble, is attached to the sensor worn on the left hand. Depending where the hand moves, all parts inside or close to this sphere are deformed.


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This was one of the first experiments we did with motion capture and the use of a camera/ live video-image. The direct metaphor of having a magnifying glass or soap bubble attached to your hand inspires a movement quality of examination and observation. The body gets scanned with this object that makes us see everything that appears inside it differently.

The dancer's decision to move slowly and carefully is fed by the idea that the hand is holding something fragile. The slow speed and sometimes stillness give time to the observer to study the small shifts in the movement and their consequences in the projected image.

As an observer there is no urgent need to understand the technical connection between the body and the attached bubble. Once acknowledging the applied condition, which is similar to looking through the bottom of a drinking glass, one can follow the shapes and forms the body is pressed into.


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The original idea of this experiment was to deform the visual representation of the space. Even though the video image can be much more intuitively related to the performance space than in , it is visually obvious, that the deformation happens in the image plane and not in the displayed space. Thus the deformation of the image canvas amplifies the two-dimensionality of the representation.

When the deformation is limited to the dancer's body it is still clearly happening in the image plane but it is not much compromising the spatial perception. It suffers from the same problem as . The original goal is much better transported by .


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  • Graphics PC with Video Capture Card
  • Projector
  • Polhemus tracking system: 1 Sensor
  • Video Camera


  • The Video Camera is facing the dancer and transmits the live video image to the graphics computer. This live video image is mapped onto a rectangular plane, which is displayed on the projection screen. The plane is composed out of a mesh of small rectangles.
  • The Sensor controls the horizontal and vertical position of an invisible object: a sphere that moves within the video plane. The Technical Screenshot below shows the virtual sphere at the dancer's left hand. Even though it is not visible, the sphere makes the video-mesh bulge in relation to the sensors' position. Virtually the sphere behaves like a ball, which is pressed from behind: the video image is blown up in the direction of the viewer.


Technical Setup

Spatial Setup

Technical Screenshot

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