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In we introduced the idea of cutting the virtual space into slices as a discontinuous complement to our experience of the real space as a continuous entity. To enhance the legibility of the metaphor, we represent each slice by an outlined box.


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Example Movie

Stage View
Computer Image
The sensor is attached to the dancer's left hand. A red ball indicates the position of the hand and a red line shows the movement trace of this hands' motion. This line is set into a space that slowly rotates and starts to shift. The shifting of the room is made visible by accordion-like slices that start to move against each other. Also the white square bar shows the interrupted spatial continuity. According to the sensors' direction and angle, gray beams are placed in space in the same direction and angle, which are also shifting within the sliced up space.


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There are many components on the virtual level: a sliced-up room that is indicated by the accordion-like structure and the individual slices starting to slide against each other, a massive square pole that is moving through the accordion and the thinner round beams that are established as vectors according to Nik's movement. A red line visualizes the translation of his left wrist movement. The slow rotation of the accordion and all objects attached to it was installed to make the 3-dimensionality more easily legible. It is hard to separate which of the listed components have or do not have a connection to Nik's movement.

The input of the image, for example the interruptions and fragmentations of movements, was used by Nik for improvising. The discontinuity of a movement and associations of a broken up spine found their way into his dancing.

Another question we were asking ourselves: what would happen if the room was sliced-up as in this experiment and the slices were to be shuffled into different orders, like one shuffles a deck of playing cards.


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We were curious about how the slicing-up of a room and the breaking of a spatial movement-continuity can be visualized. Our criticism however about this set-up was that this idea does not reveal itself as clear as it could and we later found a clearer solution in the .


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Related Experiments:


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  • Graphics PC
  • Projector
  • Polhemus tracking system: 1 Sensor



  • The Sensor is attached to the dancer's left hand. The position of the sensor is controlling the position of a red ball. When moved, the ball leaves a trace in the form of a red line. In regular time intervals Gray Poles are placed at the current position of the sensor. The poles orientations are aligned to the 3 spatial axes according to the closest direction of the current sensor movement.
    The Technical Screenshot 1 below shows the sensor as a green wireframe sphere.
  • The Virtual Space is cut into 12 slices. Each slice has a defined extension within which a part of the virtual space is displayed. The slices can move arbitrarily in space. In this setup the slices are rotated and shifted slightly amongst each other. The adjacent part of the virtual space is transformed with the slices' transformation. The slices are visualized as white outlined cubes.


Technical Setup

Spatial Setup

Technical Screenshot 1

Technical Screenshot 2
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